Happy solstice, happy shoveling !

It’s hard to believe that winter’s only now finally here — in the technical sense — considering that we’ve already gotten more snow dumped on us here in Boston in the last week or so than we had during the entire season last year. I mean, fa Chrissakes, I can’t find a pahking spot to save my life.

Speaking of Chrissakes, being that time of year and all, I’m making an effort today to transcend my fatigue of X-mas muzak in order to bring you, once again, “remix-mas” — my mix’n’mash of lots of well-worn holiday favorites. Longtime readers will no doubt be as sick of this mix as of any other seasonal sounds, but for any newcomers out there, here ya go. Don’t say I never gave ya nothin —

wayne&wax, “remix-mas

Ho ho ho — and a bottle of rum (& Manischewitz). Lean wit it, knamean —