Seven Steps to Human Nature

Tomorrow — that’s Thursday — I’m gonna be giving my second area performance as a recently transplanted Chicagoan. While the last one might have been described as lappy, this one’ll be more rappy. Jordan Davis’s Million Poems Show is coming to town, y’see, and I’ll be joining the fray by “reading” some “poems” (over beats no less) which will, no doubt, be more rhymey than most of the poems one reads these days. See the “Play” sxn for full deets.


The other day Jordan nodded to Abraham Maslow, an old fave of mine. Back when I was still intent on figuring it all out — a preoccupation to which I will return, no doubt — I found Maslow’s mapping of the psycho-social pretty powerful. I still find a lot in it that makes sense.

Over email, Jordan suggested that Maslow’s hierarchy of needs puts govt policy into pretty good perspective. Sin duda. Now where does one register for the “cosmic-sadness” party? That sounds like a platform I can get down with.


Apropos, and b/c John Chiasm liked that Cyndi Lauper schmaltzathon so much, here’s Miles (Sr. Seven Steps himself) playing, natch, “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson — now who’s gonna mash this with Nas’s “It Ain’t Hard to Tell”??

my miles