Sonidos Aburridos Bastardos!

If I thought something was poppin in the state of Denmark, I have no idea que pasa en Argentina.

The ol’ blogosphere radar has been registering lots of blips from that southmost outpost in South America. I mentioned the Frikstailers a little while back, for instance. And of course, there’s the whole cumbia rebajada movimiento, which seems to have strong routes thru Buenos Aires.

Recently I’ve been digging (into) lots of “local” mashups from that neck of the woods. & I like how a lot of them depart from the tried-and-true calculus of recognizable-acapella + recognizable-instrumental, even if that gets them closer to sounding like “remixes” than “mashups” for most of us. (We need not split hairs on that count, at least not again.) Instead, these Argentinian mashaperos weld (relatively) familiar acapellas to backings by some fine up-and-coming Argentinian beatsmiths. Pretty soon every city will be doing this (we hope). Currently, Córdoba is representin. Buenos Aires también.

To wit: check out Villa Diamante’s mash of Calle 13 and the Frikstailers (two of my LatinAm faves!) over at MuyBastard. As he puts it, “como buen mashapero,” Diamante goes a little further with this mix, adding his own touches to the ol’ A + B formula —

Villa Diamante – Frikstailers vs Calle 13

Notably, MuyBastard also points us to a nice’n’noisy remix of Calle 13’s “Cumbia de los Aburridos” over at Sonidero Nacional’s space.

I say notably because that’s the same Calle 13 track I’ve been screwing with myself of late. So allow me to close this post by getting in on the sharing: here’s a screwed’n’chopped’n’dubbed versión I’ve been improvising in some recent rebajada sets I’ve been working on —

wayne&wax, “Cumbia de las Rebajadas”