Save Me

So, for obvious reasons, affirming and touching a gesture as it is, I’m a little timid about the campaign to Save Wayne. I’m sorry that the cosmos had other plans for me (yet to be revealed), as I would be happy to stay at Brandeis. I don’t know if anything can come of it, but if you’d care to add your voice to the chorus, I believe the petition is to be submitted soon, so go here, like, now.

No pressure, tho, obvz! & if you’ve got some interesting work for a vivrant listener, writer, producer, & teacher as i&i, holler at a scholar–

5 thoughts on “Save Me

  1. Already signed it… Awesome initiative by the save wayne people, only thing I think they should have probably done is made the existing signatures viewable.. social reinforcement and all that. I’m just saying. Sorry, it’s my nature to gripe about even the most well-intentioned acts.

    Best of luck to you wayne!

  2. There’s no such thing as over-the-top when it comes to singing Wayne’s praises! (O.k. so like Birdseed I may have gone over the top too when I signed it… But how else to explain to them the brilliance in Wayne Marshall?)

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