Poses, Panpipes, and Forbidden Dances

Thanks to Troels (who’s got some nice digi-reggae mixes up over here), who pointed out in a comment that the melody from Red Fox and Screechy Dan’s Drum Song-driven dancehall perennial, “Pose Off” —

— as heard as a background synthline in Wisin y Yandel’s “Pam Pam” (discussed by me here), can be connected back further to Kaoma’s “Lambada,” an accordion-propelled cumbia that animated so many “forbidden dances” back in 1989 (and which gives Luny Tunes’ subtle nod to dancehall reggae yet futher “Latin” resonance, at least for plenty of listeners) ::

As I dug into that connection, however, I learned — via Wiki ! — that the tune underpinning “Lambada” is “actually an unauthorised translation of the song ‘Llorando se fue,’ from the Bolivian group Los K’jarkas” — which Youtube unerringly confirms (along with countless other versions of the song) ::

This is the sort of genealogy that really makes my neurons light up. & I’ve got several other dazzling examples along these lines I’ve been meaning to get around to sharing. (Soon come!) They provide such wonderfully audible threads for discussions of musical migrations and appropriations and versions and aspersions and all that good stuff. But part of me wants to get my video mixing skills on point first, as such sonic stories would be far better told if mixed’n’segued in certain ways. (Would help with “fair use” arguments as well, no doubt.)

And round and round we go —