I’ll be discussing and demonstrating “Mashup Poetics and Pedagogical Practice” as part of the SMT Committee on Diversity Special Session at this year’s joint annual meeting of the American Musicological Society and the Society for Music Theory, which is happening in Los Angeles from Nov 2-5.

See the program for full details on the conference, but here’re the deets for our session:

“Collisions, Mashups, and Trajectories: New Intersections in the Analytical Landscape”
Saturday Evening, Nov. 4, 8-11 pm
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza

8-8:45: Nina Sun Eidsheim (UC San Diego)
8:45-9:30: Philip Ewell (Univ. TN-Knoxville)
9:30-10:15: Wayne Marshall (Univ. Wisconsin-Madison)
10:15-11: Yayoi Uno Everett (Emory Univ.)

Followed by a response from Adam Krims (of Rap Music and the Poetics of Identity fame).

If you’re in LA — or even better, a member of SMT or AMS — come on by!