Walkie Talkie

look at her go! (watch both at once!)

nico’s been adding words to her lexicon at an exponential rate. sometimes she means what they usually mean, but sometimes she’ll use them more broadly. so, for instance, she says “uh oh” if something falls to the ground, but she’ll also say it as she’s deliberately tossing something on the floor.

other uses seem more synecdochic. e.g., she sees lots of pictures of babies, so “baby” could mean baby, or it could refer to a picture or pictures (not necessarily of a baby). similarly, she recently learned to “woof” like a dog from one of those books about animals and the sounds they make, so she currently uses the word “woof” also to say “book.”

the contents of her vocabulary, more or less in order of plausible utterance —

light (~dite)
bottle (~babu)

she also knows the gesture for “shhh” (see the end of the video on the right), and we’ve taught her the sign for “more.”

things’re getting fun!