Blogariddims Orgy!

Those of you familiar with WHRB, Hahvid’s student-run radio station, will no doubt be familiar with its semester-end “orgy” ritual: as students go back (or begin) to read up on a term’s worth of material for their exams and papers, the radio station broadcasts marathon sessions devoted “to a single composer, performer, genre, or subject.” Back in the day, as a member of the jazz dept, I convened a John Zorn orgy, during which I got a call from a guy who said his dog was enjoying it very much but he was not. Can’t please everyone.

But who could possibly balk — dog or human — at 23 (almost) straight hours of the best damn music blogga podcast going? If you’re in the Boston area, or if you’re a streaming type, you can catch the full Blogariddims series in orgy form beginning tomorrow night and hosted by Greg “Beat Diaspora” Scruggs. Here’s the deets —

11 hours (wed 5/16, 10 pm to thur 5/17, 9 am)
+ 12 hours (thur 5/17, 8 pm to fri 5/18, 8 am)
= 23 hours of the entire blogariddims podcast in order of appearance

A co-production of the Record Hospital and The Darker Side, both programs of WHRB Cambridge
Broadcasting live across Boston on 95.3 FM / Streaming live on the web at

I think this means that yours truly’s Another Crunk Genealogy will be waking folks up (or propelling them to work, or the library) from 8-9am (EST) this Thursday. Wckd fckn pssa. Thx, Greg!