Baby New Year Too!

I’m pretty sure this will be the last January 1st that I get to do this, but I’m thrilled to announce yet again that the coming year will bring us a baby!

In lieu of any ultrasound mashups this time around, I offer instead a few ultrasound flicks —

Kid B, as we’re calling her in fetal form, is due right around March 21. A spring chicken indeed!

So, yes, it’s another girl, in case you’re wondering. Which is absolutely awesome, far as we’re concerned. Sure, a little gender balance might have been nice, but, let’s face it, girls rule. Moreover, as a friend of mine (and newly made dad of a daughter) recently put it: “as a piano teacher, I’ve come to the conclusion that girls are homo sapiens sapiens, and boys are super-villain-chimpanzees.” So, yeah, we win.

And despite wondering how exactly we’re going to find time and space (in our home & heart) for another one of these lovely little creatures — don’t worry, I’m sure we will — we’re really quite excited that, like Becca and I both, Nico will grow up with a sibling so close in age.

We’re preparing for the switch to “man-to-man” defense. Pick and roll, baby!

Should be fun. And get this: only about two weeks til Nico turns one!