We Be Ilvin

since fruityloopy music by multiculti youngstas has become all the rage, i figure i’m sitting on a goldmine, having run many an FL session with kids in boston and lowell, MA and, kingston, JA from 2002-04.

one of my favorite students — b/c of his enthusiasm and aptitude — was a lil dude aptly named ilvin. i first wrote about ilvin way back in april 03 on my “jamaica blog,” which now contains lots of broken links.

for those who may yet misunderestimate the role that tech like FL plays in a zeitgeist’s aesthetic, plz note the ravey stabs underpinning one of ilvin’s illest creations, never mind the oddly angular 16th-note sequencer-snapped melodies (do wait for the 30 sec mark!) —


that’s some zappasynclavvy isoleekuduro ish, no?

hear more here.