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Welcome to our blog. It is a rather personal account of our experiences in Kingston, Jamaica as we lived there from January-June 2003. We combined our two blogs into one because we decided overlap is better than gaps. Please try to enjoy the difference in our perspectives if you find that we are telling the same stories twice. In an effort to give a better sense of our experience, we include pictures and audio throughout our blog.

This is just a short list of our many posts. You can find others in the archive. Wayne's new blog is here.

July 2004 - The Blog Reborn Wayne
February 24 - Mr. Jin, Mr. Chin, and the Zunguzung Meme Wayne
October 7 - Hip-hop in Jamaica Paper Wayne
July 13 - Boston, Jamaica USA Wayne
June 18 - Paradise Regained? Wayne
June 13 - Andrew and Ned Come to Visit Becca
May 5 - Fuckery and Livity Wayne
April 30 - The Man Sound Real Wayne
April 29 - Fine by blog. Becca
April 25 - Bun Jamaica! Wayne
April 20 - Easter Dinner Becca
April 17 - Seeing Studios, Mastering Mastering, and Hearing as a Producer Wayne
April 16 - On the Road to Innswood Becca
April 13 - Staying Up for Three Stage Shows Wayne
April 5 - Born Fi' Dead Becca
April 4 - Peace in Kingston, War in Iraq, Sickness in China, Gangs in New York Becca
April 2 - More Music: From Ilvin to Innswood Wayne
March 24 - Getting Back on Track and Cursed At Wayne
March 24 - The Vacation Continues...And Ends Becca
March 19 - Portland Parish and Quality Tours Wayne
March 18 - Portland, Kingston Dirt, Denham Town, and Iraq Becca
March 12 - JA in the Hip-hop Imagination Wayne
February 27 - Top Rankin' TG Wayne
February 26 - Lessons, Local News, Healthcare, and More Fruit Becca
February 25 - Grande Jamaica Wayne
February 23 - Ochi Three Ways in Four Days Becca
February 18 - The Stories of Jamaican Music Wayne
February 15 - On Form and Prodigy Wayne
February 14 - On Shades and Grenades Becca
February 11 - Life in Triplicate Wayne
February 11 - An Alien Fruit Becca
February 6-8 - Freestyle Friday, Thursday Too Wayne
February 7 - St. Andrew Success! Becca
January 27-31 - Back to Jamaica Wayne
January 27 - Port Royal and Personal Safety Becca

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I and I uploading our blogWayne blogging wearing Becca-made tam

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