Mashup Pedagogy

This page accompanies my article, “Mashup Poetics as Pedagogical Practice,” in Pop-Culture Pedagogy in the Music Classroom Teaching Tools from American Idol to YouTube , edited by Nicole Biamonte (Scarecrow Press, 2010). [PDF]

Here are various links to materials referenced in the article, as well as embedded video and audio files:

The Grey Album
GYBO (Get Your Bootleg On)

Wayne Marshall, “Musically-Expressed Ideas About Music”

“Big Gyptian”

“Gyp the System”

“The Lion Seeps Tonight”

If you’re looking for additional information about mashups, here are a few useful sources:

Sasha Frere-Jones, “1 + 1 + 1 = 1: The New Math of Mashups” (New Yorker)

Wikipedia entry on “Bastard Pop

Liam McGranahan’s dissertation