It’s Later Than You Think

I still want a hula hoop

Hittin’ the eggnog a lil hard these days? Well, if too much Holiday Cheer® has you in a Houston state of mind, try (again) some reverse-engineered Chipmunks, ever the better to appreciate the deliciously cloying crawl to Christmas —

Ah, but tonight we feast. And that’s nothing but delicious. Seven fishes and all o that. Topped off w/ a slice of rigotta pie. That’s right: riGotta. And the final ‘ta’ is optional, given a good stop on the ‘t.’

(Marshall, incidentally = derived [= ‘mericanized] from Machado [de Portugal, por supuesto]; but that’s beside the point — it’s the Ianellis [paternal grandmom’s people] and Canistraros [maternal in-laws] who’ve carried the trad.)

(&sorry for all the rehash of late. Need to let my mousing arm recuperate.)

Merry merry —