Lotsa short days and long nights, e? Feeling Minnesota? Feeling Norwegian more like it. But can’t argue with hot milky rum at 4:30. Not I. Not today.

On nightsy vibes lately. Eine kleine nachtmusik n ting. Meeneemaal mixes and Merican bassstep.

One disc I been diggin on long drives and city crawls is Mad EP‘s Not Afraid of Spiders, which genrejumps something wicked, only between myriad imaginary genres I wouldn’t quite know how to name. Take, for instance — but do consider copping — two of my favorites:

“Acid Jig”
on some janisjop chopshop, leftfield lowend, post-preemo steelo


“Velvet Pudding Mold”
wherein solo-pseudo-flamenco (?) [via mochipet apparently] spins into some electro on the metro to pluto type of judo (?!?)

happy sun sitting still —