November 15th, 2011

B’Town to R’Dam

First, tonight’s (TUESDAY’S) Beat Research is a special session featuring three button-pushing beatsmiths:

Hailing from Toronto, Doldrums comes to town during a tour taking him around the US and over to Europe. Omnivorous in his sampling, and known to release VHS-only mixtapes, Doldrums — who often adds video collage and his own voice to the proceedings — has named his “preferred sources” as “mainstream R&B, classical music, future shock, bollywood, richwave and clip-clop.”

Appearing alongside Doldrums are two Boston-based beat-head transplants. TimeWharp hails from Atlanta but now makes Boston his home for cooking up warm sonic stew over crackling hot boom-bap, and Avila Santo, who lists his location as “Boston California,” channels the sound of Flying Lotus’s Los Angeles with his own take on neck-snapping rhythms and sticky synth lines.

Second, I’m happy to announce that I’m headed back to Rotterdam later this week to upgrade my Dutch club talk to a keynote and play co-panelist with the likes of Marfox and Munchi (who I do hope delivers on that whole Tropical Gabber thing)!

Munchi – Rotterdam (Preview) by Munchi

In my talk, among other things, I’m hoping to connect the following two videos, toward which, if any dear readers are quick with Dutch to English, do help me to understand precisely how the judges discuss dancehall’s shortcomings in the Got Talent clip (aside from the English bit, which is plenty telling).


  • 1. Navin aka Nafer  |  November 17th, 2011 at 9:02 am

    yo wayne,

    the translation of the holland got talent is: The old woman says that they took it to serious this time and that it isn’t really dancing what they are doing. She think it should be funny.
    The fat guy who’s picture is on one of the girls her ass missed the Booty routines but thinks overall that it was a good dancehall act promotion for the Netherlands. The girls agree with the american judge that maybe their routine doesn’t totaly fit the show but they totaly dissagree with the old woman that Dancehall dance isnt a dance. The host pinpoint that the audience at home are the real judge and can decide if they go on.

    one love,


    see you in Rotterdam

  • 2. Boima  |  November 23rd, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    All these Bubbling battle videos look like they take place at the same venue. Is that Paradiso in Amsterdam?

    (The first time I heard Bubbling was in Haarlem, and the club was filled with a bunch of Black and Brown folks. Uptown Baby!)


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