April 5th, 2010

Beat Research Turns Six!

Tonight at the Enormous Room, we’re celebrating six years of “experimental party music” at Beat Research. It’s a little hard to believe that it’s already been so long. I can remember when Flack and Jake started the night back in the spring of 2004, and there’ve been countless good times in the years since. For my part, it’s been an honor and a pleasure to try to fill DJ C’s big shoes since we switched places (BOS->CHI) a few years back.

Srsly, tho, peep this selection of amazing folks who’ve graced our modest Monday stage (or lurked behind the bricks):

2562 | 5dots | 8GB | Aa | Aaron Spectre | Alex Incyde | Andrew Giessel | Al-Haca| Anti-Theory |B.Complex | Beat Diaspora | Beat Perv | Been Wrekt | Berk | Big Digits | Big Jawn | Blue Boy Productions | Bit Shifter | Brent Arnold | Brian Coleman | Brother Cleve | brynmore | Camp Sesame Crew | Cathy Cathodic | Cheif Boima |Cephalopod | Chernobyl | Chip Chop | Chris Devlin | Clouds | Computo | Covox | Cozmopolis | Cringer | Cyclevision | Dev Null | David Last | Descent | Disciple One | DJ? Acucrack | DJ Axel Foley | DJ BC |DJ C (BR co-founder) | DJ Contra | DJ Day Glow | DJ Duo | DJ Gaetano Fabri |DJ Ghostdad | DJ Itchy Fingers | DJ Jetsun | DJ Lone Wolf |DJ.NO.ONE | DJ N-RON | DJ Paul Dailey | DJ Protection | DJ Ray | DJ Refusenik | DJ RNDM |DJ Rupture |DJ RXM | DJ Sarafin | DJ Sigma | DJ Skunk | DJ Super Squirrel l DJ Teep | DJ Tiger Beatz | DJ Yamin | Eats Tapes | Eclectic Method | edIT | Edu K | eJK | Elephant Feed Monkey | Encanti | Eric Freeman | Eric Hnatow | Evaready | Exaltron | Filastine | FM Supreme | Fosforo | Fraction | Frank Heiss | Gnawledge | G Wrex | Geoff C | Ghislain Poirier | Gloob(ic) | Gregor | Gypsy Sound System | Haaksman DJ |Hamé | Hnatiw | High Priest | Horchata | Hosca | Ian Condry |Icaros | Illux | interim_ descriptor | IsWhat?! | Ivanna Bergese | Jackbackrack | Jam-2 | John Barrera | Joro-Boro | Jyroscope | Kalimba Sound System | Kat Fyte |Kid Kameleon | KID DiD | Kingdom | Lee Mayjahs? | Lenkadu | Long Ouyang | Local Fields | Mad EP | | Maga Bo | Marc McNulty | Mathhead | Memoryman | Micah Jackson |Mistaker | Moldover | Moogist | Morgan Packard | Nalepa| NIck Dawg |Norajean | Nth Synthesis | Ntone | Nullsleep | Os Santos | Oxytocin | Pace | Pandai’a |Pamelia Kurstin | Paral-lel | Peace and Quiet | Peter Kirn | Philomina | Plasticman | Ripley | Rizzla| Robot Kid | Rugged One | RQM | Ryan Durkin | Ryleseven | Scape | Scuba | Selsyn | Serious DJs | Society Suckers | Sonido Martines | Sosolimited | Soul Clap | Stu |Stuckka Vkarmany |Ted Thousand | Teleseen | <tfo> | The Riddim Methodists | The Statesmen | The Tourists | Tim O’Keefe | tobias c. van Veen | Triton | Valeo | Verbnine | Vex’d | X rae | Zayde Buti | Zebra Baby | ZEE | Zullo and more…

To do things right tonight, we’re psyched to have Vivian Host aka DJ STAR EYES as our special guest. A co-founder of the Trouble & Bass crew (and former editor of XLR8R) she’s a longtime purveyor of bleeding-edge clubb music. Beginning her DJ career as a teenager at old school drum&bass raves with the B.A.S.S. Crew and Eklectic, she brings years of mixing, producing, and knowing what’s up (and what’s down) to the 1s&2s. Come hear some of her “haunted haus” and help us raise a toast to dance music that’d make Descarte’s mind-body dialectic spin.

We wanna say how grateful we are to all the awesome artists and performers who come and play (largely) for the love, to the people who come out on a Monday night to hear tunes, shake tailfeathers, and make merry, and to the Enormous Room for playing gracious host to our unpredictable but steady rockin. Hope to see some heads&tails in the house 2nite!

567 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA
9pm to 1am, 21 plus, Free!


I'm a techno-musicologist, internet annotator, imagined community organizer.

I left my <3 in the digital global, but I reside in Cambridge, MA, where I'm from.

I represent like that.

wayne at wayneandwax dot com

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