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  1. Wow. I’d say it’s a dead ringer, Boima. Nice catch! Now, the question is, is that guitar figure just an obvious arpeggiation of a common harmonic progression — thus likely arising independently in two different places — or is there some sort of direct allusion/appropriation going on here?

  2. I wonder if it’s a common influence. I doubt telephone was influenced by No te Veo, or vice versa, but who knows? In my mind they could be coming from a similar source.

  3. I find that example a little less persuasive, Birdseed, but perhaps my ears & imagination just aren’t as willing to fill in the spaces in that way. The Timbuktu track (the second one in that medley video), which is pretty cool incidentally, features a similar chord progression, but it’s not, to my ears, nearly as similar as the other two.

    Curious about this Timbuktu chap, though. What can you tell me about him?

    Finally, if you guys want to embed links, you should use good ol’ HTML (i.e., a href =)

  4. Yes. Sorry. I have embedded tons of stuff before you know, I was just tired I guess.

    Timbuktu is a best-selling Swedish hip-hopper (of US/Swedish/Malian descent, I think.) His two monster hits (the other one was The Botten Is NÃ¥dd) were ubiquitous a few years ago.

    In his career you can follow a clear progression in which he started as a fairly conventional rapper, acquired a live funk band as backing, started making semi-acoustic songs (as per above) and then on his latest album drifted into pseudo-indie wank that’s not hip-hop at all.

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