Ovals for Obama in the Oval Office

A Dem primary that counts in Massachusetts? Featuring the most, yes, inspiring candidate for president I’ve ever had the hope to behold? Count me in. Count my vote. Count em up. Let’s gO!

Just adding my voice to the chorus. A chorus which is increasingly musical. I’ve already pointed to some Obamaton, to that Yes We Can video that everyone and their moms is watching, & I’ve even mentioned that the Mighty Sparrow composed a calypso for this special occasion. Still, a couple more musical endorsements of note —

>> a short track from the Daedelus’s newest side project FMB (Fire Magic Blood), featuring Shafiq Husayn (Sa-Ra) and Taz Arnold:

FMB, “Obama”

>> via w&w commenter, the mighty Chief Boima: “an Obama dedication mix using some songs that I’ve heard about him and songs that make me think of him. I just want to do my part to promote Obama this Tuesday!” check the tracklist & download the whole thang

Barack Star: A Tribute to Barack Obama
A Mix by DJ Chief Boima


Intro: Black President – Chief Boima
Black President (I Can’t Wait) – Brenda Fassie (Chief Boima Remix)
Barack Speaks – Barack Obama
You’re the Man (Pts. 1 & 2) – Marvin Gaye
Work to do – Kidz in the Hall
Somebody’s Gotta Do It – The Roots
The People – Common
Obama – Extra Golden
Can You Feel It? (MLK Mix) – Mr. Fingers
Funky President – James Brown
We Can Make it Better – Kanye West
Thinkin’ of a Master Plan – Yz’s
Open Letter to Obama – Jin
Superstar – Lupe Fiasco
President – Wyclef
Obama – Amigos de Obama
I’ve Got a Crush on Obama (Chief Boima Remix) – Obama Girl

I’ve got to admit the enthusiasm around Obama is both contagious and reassuring, and I can only hope the movement keeps on moving fast enough to usher in a new day for US presidential politics. If you’re still on the fence (really?), you could do worse than spend 20 or so minutes listening to Larry Lessig make a pretty compelling argument for the pretty stark differences between BHO and HRC.

Color me naive. Color me hopeful. Color me sick of the status quo. Color me a big black oval for Obama!