Dark Side of the MUM

Tomorrow night — come party under the stars highway with me, a few of my favorite DJs, and a whole host of spacey Somervillains!

Project MUM
Space: the Final Frontier
An intergalactic outdoor dance party
Under McGrath Highway in Union Square, Somerville
Saturday, August 29th, 9pm-1am (rain or shine)
$10 Suggested Donation

MC: Dr. Dooriddle
DJs: Flack, Wayne & Wax, Axel Foley, Pace
Cosmic Video Mashup: VJ Dziga
Space Odyssey Lighting & Effects: Todd Sargent
Alienettes: Carey Foster, Jude Heichelbech, Penney Pinette, Amy Strong, Terra Weaver
Costume Design: Penney Pinette
Video Documentation: Charles Daniels

SPACE COSTUME CONTEST! Winner gets a one-year supply of TANG!, the drink of astronauts

An ArtsUnion Event presented by The Somerville Arts Council and ARTSomerville


I’ve been digging through my digital staxx of tasty spacelectro, so be ready for cantina-band jams from the future(past)!