Older Than Jesus

Or at least I will be at some point in the next year, provided I make it to next May 27. In other words (or not), whereas last year I was McHale, this year I’m Bird — No pressure, but if you wanna do something nice you can a) buy me a book or b)

B-Boy = Book Boy, and Other Uprock Narratives

Some bookish things to report, including the latest re: Reggaeton — namely, that tomorrow, Wednesday May 27 (which happens to be my born day), I’ll be appearing alongside co-editor Raquel Rivera on WNYC’s Soundcheck.

Save Me

So, for obvious reasons, affirming and touching a gesture as it is, I’m a little timid about the campaign to Save Wayne. I’m sorry that the cosmos had other plans for me (yet to be revealed), as I would be happy to stay at Brandeis. I don’t know if anything can come of it, but

Seeding the Sound Cloud

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the soundscape recordings people have made and are making — from soundwalks, to radio captures, to ambiences — were available as GPS-pegged audiostreams that could be accessed, say, on one’s phone, a la the “locative art” in Gibson’s Spook Country? A step further (if away from the curatorial), the

Funk Cafeteria

if Cabide DJ were your lunch lady… do bem™ – Suco de Laranja 100% fruta (MPC de torradas) from do bem on Vimeo.

Wordle Up

Raquel, mi querida co-editor, was recently in Puerto Rico to talk Reggaeton. Among a variety of venues, she also ended up on video — While watching I was surprised to see, suddenly in the mix, a wordle I made from my chapter in the book. A fitting backdrop, sin duda — Have you read it

YAapNTb B Ha6aT

Google says ^that^ = “Ring the alarm” in Cyrillic. It didn’t do so well with my other query: “Soundbwoy a go dead.” Anywaaaaaayyyyy, here’s some vintage Russian soundclash action —

Super Freaks and the Collective Talent

I love the moment at 0:21 in this credit card commercial: It’s obvious why, no? MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” — a “work” which, in addition to the song itself, includes as a part of its whole a now iconic video, known as much for its choreography as parachute pants — has become a

Reggaeton Radio

If you missed me & Raquel on /Rupture’s radio show last Wednesday, you can still hear it here. Update! If the audio is no longer available at WFMU, you can stream it below, but see the link above for tracklist, etc. [audio:http://wayneandwax.com/wp/audio/muddup-radio-reggaeton-090506.mp3] Thx to all who came to the NYC book launch events! The Hunter

¡Que Libro! ¡Que Bajo!

Hopping the Fung Wah this pm in order to make it down to NYC/FMU in time to join Sñr /Rupture, Sñr Fofana, y mi querida compi, Raquel Rivera, on MuddUp Radio to talk (and play) reggaeton. As Jace sez — From Panamanians to Playeros to post-DemBoleros, [we]’ll be spinning rarities alongside discussion of the genre’s


It’s that crazy time of year when everything is due and all is in bloom and blogging can go the wayside. Soon come back, you done know. Big tings a gwaan. Meantime, Nico & her mom “gardening” —