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WireTap Magazine – Free Association: Sound of Silence larisa/ripley's article on the recent rash of dubious takedowns in the mp3blogspotosphere :: written for a youth/general readership, so pretty backgroundy, but a good explanation of the current lay of the land :: bye bye blogspots (tags: mp3blog blogging copyright copywrong digital culture p2p) Beat Diaspora: Beats,

Penultimate Warrior

The Adventures Of Soul Clap Podcast Episode 42: Eddie Neal Brings It Back To 88 | The Soul Clap Blog – House. Techno. Dance. Music. Boston. a little local DJ history (and a mix!) c/o the Soul Clap dudes & Eddie Neal :: pull quote — 'Back then [late 70s / early 80s] the Boston

A Farce To Be Reckoned With

todo mundo » Blog Archive » Crank Dat ROFLCon taken down from YouTube! kevin records a message for souljaboy, in souljaboy style (ms.xu = the new ayrab!), after the ROFLCon version of "crank dat" (in which a roomful of MIT folk / internet geeks did the dance) got served with a take-down notice :: ah,

¡ Casi Aquí !

The Duke U Press catalog for Spring 2009 is already out. Why should you be excited? See pg 1 —

Patriotic License

Mixin’ It Up: Downtown | thx to boima for pointing me to this — quite a mix — enjoy the minimal steez and that intro track/mix, despite some serious schizophonia, works remarkably well :: ethno techno sez wha? thought so. (tags: minimal techno mix DJ mp3blog funkcarioca) FINAL REPORT | DIGITAL YOUTH RESEARCH "Social

Skin Care Adventure

Is Michelle Obama's "Ass" Off Limits? | Critical Noir | Blogs | Mark Anthony Neal — 'Never before has a First Lady's body been subject to the amount of scrutiny and surveillance as is the case with Michelle Obama; she has been rhetorically poked, prodded and groped. Many would have found such a line

Ne-Yo Schenkerian

When I wrote about Ne-Yo’s “Miss Independent” last week, I mostly wanted to talk about timbre — the effervesynths that seem to give it so much of its tingly, zeitgeisty affect. But I did find myself discussing things like form and rhythm and harmony too. Actually, I pretty much passed on any real harmonic analysis,

Guitar Bots

I asked a while back if there were any generous erstwhile shredders out there, hoping to score a guitar for a friend’s studio in Botswana. I received enthusiastic responses from several people, a few of whom offered to send other things or, when shipping proved insanely cost prohibitive, carry an instrument to the continent (if

Arabic Ebonics

ethnotechno :: the best in left-field asian-tinged electronica an unabashed embrace of the "ethnotechno" tag — sooooo 90s, no? (tags: worldmusic representation ethnicity orientalism electronic fusion) Blackdown: The man who cycles through glass walls interesting post by blackdown about photographing london's "margins" (tags: london photography representation urban architecture space race class blogpost) Scene and heard:

Out of Focus

Saw this in a doctor’s office this week. I think it speaks for itself. In related: the Boston Globe and New York Times both published pieces on Charlie’s lawsuit today.

Delayed Linkdump #2429

Changed my wordpress password over the weekend, which threw off my semi-automatic delicious blogging (aka, linkthink). So here’s a semi-manual collection of yesterday’s links — LRB · Slavoj Žižek: Use Your Illusions looks like zizek caught the hope (kinda); here is a sneeze: “Nothing was decided with Obama’s victory, but it widens our freedom and

Yes, I Call Her Mischievous Boo

Today marks 10 months since Nico joined us. It’s hard to believe, until you take a look and see that she’s already practically walking and talking (well, not quite yet). You know how parents say stuff like, “They grow up so fast.” Well, it’s true. They do. Seriously, our little baby is hardly a baby

Halal Beats

illuminarcy blog devoted to arab hip-hop / challenging stereotypes of arabs&muslims (tags: blog hip-hop arab islam representation babylonia) illuminarcy: "Arab Money" Download & Lyrics a fierce, at times funny, response to busta's ignant "ay-rab money" (h/t rachel) :: lyrics & zshare link here :: someone pllllzzzz make sure that busta hears this (tags: arab representation

Can’t We All Just Dance Along?

Thanks to Christina for sharing this video via Google Reader — We spent Tuesday in my class (AAAS 171a: Reggae Representation, Race and Nation) discussing sexuality and homophobia in Jamaica, and I wish that I had stumbled onto this in time to bring it into the conversation. One of the things we talked about was

Austerity Gospel

Inside Indonesia – Punks, rastas and headbangers: Bali's Generation X a short piece by emma baulch (who recently published a book on the subject) about popular music in contemporary bali, esp alternative, metal, and reggae :: "Although dominated by covers of Bob Marley songs, the Bali reggae scene is much less about the struggle for


Basstown: Carl Craig : <I>Recomposed</I> & Versus carl craig + orchestra (tags: carlcraig techno orchestra collaboration video paris) DUTTY ARTZ » Blog Archive » Tribal Guarachero geko jones goes in search of 'Lo Mejor del Tribal' — aka cumbia-rave tracks from mexico city (tags: mexico mexicocity rave cumbia EDM tribal blogpost) if:book: On the Virtues

Flaneur Pajamas

Mute magazine – Culture and politics after the net | I Like Listening to Awesome Tapes from Africa nice conversation about african music, "world music," and new circulations thereof, featuring andy moor, other members of the ex, and /rupture (h/t wordthecat) :: my favorite sentence — "It's not fusion, it's collaboration." (tags: internet worldmusic africa

Digihad Dancehall, Only in London Innit?

Speaking of the belly of the beast, somehow I missed this first time around, but a UK-based jihadist rap group known as Soul Salah Crew released a Diwali-propelled critique of the War on Terror® back in 2004. That in itself is not exactly surprising. The UK has been the seat of some searing Islamist critique

Babylon Spit Shine

c/o Ivanna B (aka DJ Philomena), one of my fave “local” DJs / dancers / artists / people, don’t miss this month’s stateside / tri-city showing (NYC, Boston, Providence) of politically & culturally charged art (drawings, prints, sculptures, photographs, mixed media, video and more!) from Chile & Argentina — more info:

Most Deft

Techdirt: Big Guns Come Out In Effort To Show RIAA's Lawsuits Are Unconstitutional my father-in-LAW, charlie nesson, is taking it to the RIAA (finally) with the help of his students at HLS — a nice summary / discussion here :: "In the past, it's been noted that the RIAA has curiously avoided suing any Harvard


Since I’ve lately dived headlong into heart-on-sleeve blogging, I may as well keep things going, even if that means losing a few of you hardcore lurkers out there. You see, I’ve been wanting to gush for a minute now about — believe it or not — Ne-Yo’s “Miss Independent,” which has been on heavy rotation

A Few of My Favorite Things

1) In Obama’s speech last night, he reached out to those who voted against him and did so in an utterly eloquent, firm, and — to my ears — somewhat sly manner: To those Americans whose support I have yet to earn — I may not have won your vote, but I hear your voices,

Things’ll Never Be the Same

Morning in America, don’t? I really wasn’t planning to blog about 2pac on this momentous day, but I’m finding an iressistable synchronicity in my drafts folder. Tupac’s “Changes” is one of those evergreen tracks, like it or not, that still gets regular play on urban radio (in our case, here in Boston, that’s JAM’N 94.5).

Palingenetic Ultranationalism

The Elephants Child: ring ring ring rachel re: ring tones, txt speak, & refurb'd nokia nat'lism (tags: cellphones video global nation language blogpost) ffm713's blog – FFM presents The Pen & Pixel Madhouse – 73 pages of pen&pixel rap album covers (via noz) (tags: hip-hop art design album gangsta) Palingenetic ultranationalism – Wikipedia, the

PeanutButter & YouTube

Confessions of an Aca/Fan: How We Help Spread Political Messages… 'Four years ago, the activists were using the term, "viral media," and I suppose they still are. If I had my way, the term and "memes" along with it would be retired from our vocabulary of talking about how media circulates. There's something sick and

spam prescience

caught my eye this morning that just last night the homie kingdom left a comment on an old spam poem which i added to the collection back on 30 july 2007. spam poems aren’t what they once were. i guess the great spam poets of yore have, by this point, been roundly routed by akismet