Beat Research – August 07

As per usual (as of this summer), I’ll be holding down residential duties at Beat Research alongside DJ Flack. Here’s our smashing line-up for the month of August. Come and join the experimental party! Aug 6 :: 5dots Craig Davis (aka 5dots) began making music because it seemed like a good idea. Early experimental noise

Hear Here

Reppin’ Salone (Sierra Leone), Wisconsin (Milwaukee and Madison!), and the Bay Area, DJ Boima holds down a whirled music dance party in San Fran, moving the massive with a mix of (pan-)African and (pan-)American pop / hip-hop / club / etc. Readers of this here blog might have noticed his name in a flurry of

& It Don’t Stop…

Even in the middle (or, at this point, toward the end) of some well-needed Beach Research, I’m happy to note that several dear interlocutors have been continuing the conversations here — and taking them in interesting directions. E.g., Raquel Rivera weighs in on “No Te Veo” herself, making reference to the vivrant discussion about it

Down the Cape

so things will be quiet here for a week or two if you’re bored, check the blogroll, or better yet — go outside ! peace

Beat Research Bulletin #17422: Flack, Screw, Bounce

As per usual, I’ll be at the Enormous Room tonight pursuing a little low-end theory, aka Beat Research. My dear colleague, DJ Flack will not be there, however, as the good doctor is taking in some well-earned r&r on the heels of his trip to Australia — — indeed, a product of that there trip

Outsourced Analysis #745639: Kwaito Resonance Reflex

On 8/2/07, Sonjah Stanley-Niaah, Dr wrote: And this one, check this out.. I am interested in your analysis of the dance and music… Sonjah Stanley Niaah, Ph.D. Lecturer, Cultural Studies University of the West Indies, Mona Campus Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference 2008: Wadabagei: To which I replied: This one’s (more) interesting

Duppy or Funman

duppy art head nuh good certainly not when matched with twins of twins’ wckd funny loving acid caricatures (and this one above w/ a mad mad intro to boot ! ticket to my heart book) yellowman part priceless jawbone! heineken star time!! one word for wallace & gromit, california raisins — (via)