Beat Research Bulletin #17422: Flack, Screw, Bounce

As per usual, I’ll be at the Enormous Room tonight pursuing a little low-end theory, aka Beat Research.

My dear colleague, DJ Flack will not be there, however, as the good doctor is taking in some well-earned r&r on the heels of his trip to Australia

— indeed, a product of that there trip downunder is a new bracing, bouncy mix by Flack, originally premiered at Void, a local dubstep|grime|IDM session (!?!). Go git the non-YouTube version!

DJ Flack, “Dub Step Bounce”

Flack won’t be there tonight, but I’m happy to report that 5dots will. Hailing from the DC area, 5dots (aka Craig) is the guy who handed me a CD of homespun beats that bristled & banged at the Future of Music summit a couple yrs ago. He & his mate Alex concoct mixes as Serious DJs, spanning jungle, hip-hop, pop, & elecctronnikka, and have put together a couple original screw sets to boot.

Apparently, when the Serious boys were in town last summer, their screwy music was not well received. (I, alas, was home with a wicked cold.) Craig says he won’t play any screw this time. Unless he’s asked. Well, I’ve already asked him, so consider yourself warned. Nothing like some slow, syrupy sounds on these sluggish summer nights.

I’m gonna take adventure of the vibe-coincide and finally cook down some rebajadas of my own.

Screw the world, I say.

But allow me to close by noting that next week will see the return to the Enormous Room decks of Beat Research co-founder, DJ C. Not only is it always great to have Jake around (since we changed places, he off to Chicago for a while), it’s especially exciting as next week’s Beat Research session will also serve as the Boston-area release party for his new (debut!) album, Sonic Weapons. Japan’s Wimm Recordings is releasing the album, and I’m excited to disclose that I make an appearance via DJ C’s raggafied remix of “A It Dat.”

Many readers here are no doubt acquainted with the sonic weaponry of DJ C. He’s been rocking parties from Boston to Berlin for years now and is a founding member of the famed Toneburst Collective. I’ve been srsly digging his beats for a while now, constantly impressed with how Jake puts his distinctive stamp on so many styles — never mind cooking up a few of his own.

So let me say this: you want to get ahold of this album. It will kill dancefloors everywhere. It’s loaded with creative, interesting, and very danceworthy music. It’s a labor of love. & you’ll be supporting an artist who deserves the support.

You can get it via Amazon, Forced Exposure, and many other fine retailers.