& It Don’t Stop…

Even in the middle (or, at this point, toward the end) of some well-needed Beach Research, I’m happy to note that several dear interlocutors have been continuing the conversations here — and taking them in interesting directions.


Raquel Rivera weighs in on “No Te Veo” herself, making reference to the vivrant discussion about it on this here humble blog (thx esp to Birdseed & Boima for keepin it going!).

Oneleven, aka El Polaco Bombero, riffs on “la voz laina” in response to our discussion of nasal-tinged reggaetoneros, drawing on his longtime participant-observation in the diasporic bomba scene to offer some illuminating — if perhaps “poetic”? — insights.

Guillaume de Masala lends his ears w/r/t that kuduro-esque kwaito jam we were tryna grok collectively here not long ago; he also points to a DJ Playero treasure trove torrent, which goes well w/ /rupture’s recent remarks re: reggaeton antes de reggaeton.

& there’s some percolating praggamatic chat a gwaan tambien, tho I have to admit I’m surprised that that post hasn’t been more of a powder-keg for comments.

As always, thanks to all for the further adventures in linkthink. More soon come. Now back to the beach…