The Jamaica Observer reports this week that a “recently formed” Rastafarian group known as the Ethio-Africa Diaspora Union Millennium Council “intend[s] to pursue the use of intellectual property protocols to protect and preserve the culture and symbols from misuse” — specifically, the kind of misuse embraced by self-proclaimed “Gangsta Ras” and dancehall flavor-of-the-month (but likely

No Te Veo, Pero Te Oigo

I’m rly enjoying (and learning from) all the reggaeton conversation happening here these days (e.g.). Thanks to all for contributing! And keeping it going… Toward further linkthink, here’s a quick analysis I put together in response to a question from Raquel (who’s got a great post up re: Mala Rodriguez and Calle 13), who thinks

Bouncement 2

BOUNCEMENT 2 Featuring: DJ /rupture (Decks n EFX) Wayne and Wax (Beats and Rhymes) Baltimoroder (DJ Set) w/ DJ Flack (DJ Set) & Daviday (DJ Set) Visuals by Bonk & Zyler @ Great Scott 1222 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA 02134 MBTA Access: Harvard Ave. Green Line “B” Saturday July 28th, 2007 9pm-2am 21+ $5

Poses, Panpipes, and Forbidden Dances

Thanks to Troels (who’s got some nice digi-reggae mixes up over here), who pointed out in a comment that the melody from Red Fox and Screechy Dan’s Drum Song-driven dancehall perennial, “Pose Off” — [audio:http://wayneandwax.com/wp/audio/PoseOff.mp3] — as heard as a background synthline in Wisin y Yandel’s “Pam Pam” (discussed by me here), can be connected

Sgt. Sailor Moon Singin’ Sola on the Senny-Three

The other day I was taking the 73 from La Belle Mont to Harvard Square. When I got on, I couldn’t help noticing the chap flickrd above, what with his makeshift Sailor Moon police outfit, complete with blue fabric glued to shoulders and breast, metal plate thing on head, and badges to boot (not to

Bouncement Too!

Have I mentioned yet how utterly enthuuuuused I am about this thing weh’s happenin this Sat’day night? A Beat Research tradition inaugurated by Ghislain Poirier, DJ C, and DJ Flack this spring, the next party in the series has been co-conspired w/ that Basstown bwoy, Daviday. Together we’re bringin (back home) none other than the

“Jamaica Nice To Raatid!”

said my fren Marvy Marv as we cruised down a dark Kingston slope, post Port Royal escoveitch fishfry (what a welcome!), him commenting on a ‘Chinese’ couple who stunned onlookers recently by getting down onstage at Bembeh only to stun right again by showing up later that night at Asylum, in new outfits. I’m assuming

Hol’ On

back from a brief trip to funky Kingston still unpacking, literally and figuratively details soon come meantime, u can catch up with my gracious, bloggin’ hosts: christina & ripley

And What? (pt.2)

FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST snapped (by me) in Belmont, MA — a couple blocks from home

And What? (pt.1)

¡Asi Somos Nosotros — y Que! by Francisco Palma Lagunas snapped (by me) @ UIA, Santa Fe, Mexico City, DF

Que Viva

make way: american express meets el angel de la independencia uptown Allow me a little (belated) unpacking, now back from Mexico City, where I swear I will return, clunky español and all, que pronto es posible. !Que ciudad! My principal reason for going was, as mentioned, to attend the biannual international meeting of the International