Mainly, To Amuse Itself

I know what you’re thinking — el fin de Delfin? No puede ser! But it’s been about a month and a half since the Chilean jokesters who made Delfin both a YouTubospheric laughingstock and legend — not to mention the undisputed king of tecno folklore — finally hung up their bloggy hats. As they write,

IASPM in Boston

After running my “Zunguzung” paper through the ringer at EMP the week before, I’ll be offering a slightly different (and no doubt revised) version at the annual US meeting of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (or “yaspum,” as we say it). The conference takes place at Northeastern University from April 26-29;

Teorí­as de la Dependencia

Sandra Garcia Rivera riffea re: William Carlos Williams y Miguel Luciano — The White Nike Sneaker so much depends upon a white Nike sneaker dyed in patriot blood sported by young Ricans

Keep It Movin Like the Zunguzung & Other Uprock Narratives

JC on JB Back from Seattle, which was a blast (see below). Off to Boston tomorrow. Gonna be in the Bean (and the Bridge) for a spell, presenting a revised version of the Zunguzung tale I told this past weekend, weighing in on the White Rapper Show alongside some hip-hop(-studying) ethnomusicologists, and delivering what have

EMP 2007

From April 19-22, I’ll be participating in this year’s EMP conference in Seattle, an annual convergence of music writers (journalists and academics alike). My own presentation is on that ol “Zunguzung” meme and will follow the zigzagging melody from Yellowman to Jin, with plenty of stops along the way, examining how such a musical figure

Seeplist in Seattle

Off to Seattle tomorrow to participate in this. I’ll be following what I’ve been calling the “Zunguzung Meme” from Kingston to Brooklyn to San Juan and back (w/ several stops along the way). That ol’ Yellowman melody sure seeps into some interesting (and often seminal) performances, telling the intertwined stories of hip-hop and reggae (and

El Arte de Blin-Blin Politricks

Pictured above is a shot of Filiberto Ojeda Uptowns / Machetero Air Force Ones by visual artist Miguel Luciano, as featured in a show opening this Sunday, April 15, at Bard College. I’ve been an admirer of Luciano’s arresting approach since Raquel Rivera (who brought this latest project to my attn) sent me a digital

Houston So Surreal

best dj screw gif evar by 893 of course Mattsoreal posted a 5 part bizarre, comic, yet rather reverent&informed (&informative) documentary on Houston rap (c/o It’s quite something. This’s Part 1 — audiyoga :: c/o w&w [audio:] mo’ audiyoga :: c/o Christhecat (hear, esp, halfway thru) [audio:] Incidentally/apropros! — if you’ve checked the “play”

Stage Show Excerpt & Counter Canonical Discourse

If we’re listening for the presence of Jamaica in hip-hop (and hence in NY/US/worlwide), we could attend to such a thing on any number of levels: 1) the occasional 3+3+2; 2) the influence of dub engineering on hip-hop mix aesthetics (e.g., echo, layering, lowend); 3) double-time, flip-tongue, fast-chat flows; 4) accents, cliches, Rasta mantras, and

Lava Lava

I’ll be joining Zebo, Hess, and Chump over at Lava, the newly (re)opened audio lounge @ 1270 N Milwaukee Ave, to drop a series of sizzling selections from across the reggae spectrum. Should be a vibes, seen —

Mr.Lavaman They Call Me Mr.Lava

Calling all Chicagoans who read this here blog: I’m gonna be performing this Monday night @ Lava, alongside residents Zebo, Hess, and Chump, & we ago run the big chunes from start til stop. You done know, star. I Wayne too —

Dear Wayne #8353: JA inna US & UK

While we’re in a outsourcing mood here at w&w, allow we to offer up another recent q&a — Dear Wayne, Hope you’re well, This is a follow-up to an email that I sent last week regarding me possibly conducting an interview in the near future regarding the role of Jamaican styles in US and UK

On the Record(s)

Jose Davila recently penned a profile of Black Chiney for the Miami New Times. In the article, I make a brief appearance, referring cryptically to a “triple threat” that never gets enumerated. Here’s the full transcript of my email Q&A with Jose, just for the record — 1: what do you like about black chiney/what