Linkthink #6573: AyAyAy Edition

  • /jace: I enjoy watching the notion of a mainstream dissolve into a trillion scattered data-bites.

    me: ME TOO!
  • e.g.,

    “enta omry = your my life
    ragaooney 3nak = give me back your eyes
    leh ayam elley raho = to the days we had
    and so on and so on… it would take forever to translate. but even then, it would never measure up to it’s meaning in arabic” – predestant (1 month ago)

  • Jaime Monologo, who reported here that the “Torres Gemelas” blogstravaganza — which continues apace — was a big Chilean hipster joke, gives me a shout as he continues the surreal story of Delfin (Hasta el fin), who recently was well-received — adored even — when, yes, he performed in Chile. In case you were worried, he’s apparently having the time of his life.


    Surreal algorizmi indeed (!) —

  • You prolly heard about rayrayray last week, but you may not have heard such a strong, well reasoned response from such an eloquent, well reasonable Jamaican voice as this one. Here’s hopin such sound word power resonates in the Jamaican conversation about “civil” rights. No need for conservative columnists and hypocrite DJs to monopolize the conversation in an age of digital publics.

    As newly amplified voices emerge across the Caribbean and the wider world, feels like the global/translocal conversations fill out a bit. The edges get a lil rounder.

    That thing that /jace said about a mainstream — a center and a border, too.

  • (on a lighter note, does this mean that some of us are, like, double screwed?) [via]

  • dembow demo

    & this one (en Ingles y de exterior) nods to my so many snares post — pa’ verdad.