In My Language (& Mine Too)

I asked for more arguments like this one — which is to say, compelling, self-produced video theses — and I think that A.M. Baggs’sIn My Lanuguage” most definitely qualifies.

The pull quote:

Far from being purposeless, the way that I move is an ongoing response to what is going around me. Ironically, the way that I move when responding to everything around me is described as “being in a world of my own.” Whereas if I interact with a much more limited set of responses and only react to a much more limited part of my surroundings, people claim that I am “opening up to true interaction with the world.”

Watch it the whole way through.

Deeply moving, deeply persuasive — for many anyhow — and yet, some people still miss the point. I find that dismaying. But then, I’m encouraged that so many others respond with empathy,wonder,&respect.

&the guy who says the first half is Sigur Ros, the second Radiohead, is — aside from callously clever — rather unfair to the spirit of Radiohead. Tho I do appreciate the distinction. Sigur Ros always seem pretty sensual,capacious&capricious to me. In a good way. And moreover, not unaware of what they’re doing. And then there’s that whole Hopelandic thing, of course. (Not to cast myself in the whole — hey, that’s not a language in the Chomskian sense — crowd. [wtf?] It’s pretty clear those guys’re missing something.)

But while we’re on the subject, have u seen this one?

So, I suppose if this has become another one of those “YouTube posts” (tho I think the term has already passed into redundancy), I may as well share another lovely (video) mix of form and content, of message and music (and by music, I mean poetry [and music]). This one from India, a photopoetic “Sufi fusion” Punjabi treatise on the mystery of, well, g0d or something, but I’m not much concerned with whatever it is he might actually mean. It’s more the way he means it.

Ignore the Deep Forest-y / Enigma-tic aspects and attend to its filmic qualities, its effective edits. Boring breakbeat and mild treacle aside, it’s a strong statement, expressly expressively expressed, knamean. (&yet, still wildly interpreted! So it goes. C’est la vie, c’est parole, c’est musique.) [merci, jbj]