• Much as I like to bellyache bout the NYT, you gotta love it when they let pomo philosophers pen op-eds about politricks. And even if (sadly — for all of us, not just him) Zizek’s mostly remixing his ol’ desert of the real spiel, I was totally tickled to see him — in so many words — call Bush an “Iranian Agent.” Now, how about making dude a film critic too?
  • Extreme Archeology! (thx 2 billtron — another ethnomusiblogger)Just wait until us ethnoids get in the game. I can see it now: Why Suyá Skydive
  • &speaking of ethnomusibloggers, our ranks seem to be swelling. And I think that’s just swell. See, e.g.,

    (surely there are others I’m missing or forgetting: if so, lemme know)

  • Though he may not be an ethnomusicologist by training, you might mistake Pete Murder Tone for one given his musico-cultural expertise and knack for the ethnographic. The musical blogosphere should be v happy to have him back in it. (Having corresponded with Pete for, shit, several years now — he originally found me via the ol’ Jamaica blogI’m v happy to finally put face to name.) Given that Pete hipped me to dubstep back when it still seemed confined to Croydon — even while living in fckn Australia — I can only imagine what he’s gonna get himself into now that he’s left his academic gig downunder for the undergroun of London.
  • & though it really deserves a post all its own, I can’t resist putting this in this mix:

    Law and the Constitution in the Superhuman Age — a new course at Marvard University

    A lil explanation:
  • If you didn’t catch it, the “course” above is a project from the Nessons’ CyberOne. Which reminds me, Charlie‘s teaching a three week evidence course this month. And with Becca as virtual bailiff, they’ll be holding a moot court in SecondLife, concerning a real case involving a property dispute in SL. (For the legally curious, they’ll be trying the case twice: w/r/t the EULA and w/r/t common law.) If you’re a SecondLifer, I hear they’re looking for a few good angry men (or women, or penguins, or robots, or whatever, I s’pose).