Flee Market

  • o u mad? :: tight-pants wearers of the world, unite!
  • 'It is a well-attested fact that one day, usually between six and eighteen months, a child that has not been able to recognise its image reflected in a mirror will abruptly recognise itself and express jubilation. The child’s delight in taking this for itself is in part caused by the image having an apparent unity and coherence which the child has thus far failed to achieve – the image is therefore an anticipation of what it will become, an ego which is constituted as “another”. … The image in the mirror provides a compensation for the loss of this original unity but is in itself a misrecognition (méconnaissance) since the image is always only a specular image. Taking such an image into ourselves is, however, necessary for the formation of our ego, our sense of self, but it will also leave us with a sense of lack (la manque) since the image is never anything other than a sign or symbol, not the real in itself. … This process of misrecognition inaugurates “the Imaginary”. '
  • "A piece of art by Damien Hirst has set the new record for a single item at auction. The piece entitled ‘Oh Shit’ fetched £2.3bn after frantic bidding by an anonymous investor. The work, which features a Merrill Lynch employee suspended in a tank of formaldehyde secured the highest price yet paid for a single piece of banking history."
  • steven pinker on colorful, regulated language: "….over time, taboo words relinquish their literal meanings and retain only a coloring of emotion, and then just an ability to arouse attention. This progression explains why many speakers are unaware that sucker, sucks, bites, and blows originally referred to fellatio, or that a jerk was a masturbator. It explains why Close the fucking door, What the fuck?, Holy Fuck!, and Fuck you! violate all rules of English syntax and semantics—they presumably replaced Close the damned door, What in Hell?, Holy Mary!, and Damn you! when religious profanity lost its zing and new words had to be recruited to wake listeners up."
  • more bean research, in audio form! :: "Boston is one of those east coast cities that's a bit of an enigma. Although it's not far from the epicenter of New York, Beantown isn't known nationally for its hip hop scene. Of course there are a few notable exceptions but the hip hop output of the city was mostly distributed and recognized locally. After a few years of searching earnestly, my boston collection is modest at best. Nonetheless, there are some amazing gems and I want to share them here. Here are a couple boston compilations I put together."

videyoga :: compin’ w/ sarah edition!