Find Us In Da Clob

Clob LosAngeles Graffiti Art

So super siked about Beat Research 2nite! We’ve got not one but two local luminaries, Ivanna Bergese (aka DJ Philomena) and Pete DevNull, two of my all-time favoritest lovers of music and dance and total stalwarts and supporters of so many scenes here that they really do each deserve an award.

In lieu of that, though, the least we can do is turnout to hear them the way they do for us. I’ll be there, but that’s my “job” (a labor of love if ever). Here’s hoping, if you’re local, that you too can join us in our little basement lab with the booming system. Should be a vibes.

To approach my own level of anticipation, go check out Pete’s Clob Music mix for Dis Magazine if you missed it the first time around —

Dev/Null – Clob Music by DISmagazine

Or try this —

45house-meets-jungle-meets-??? mix June 2011 by DevNull-DJ