Beat Research – March 08

[Pardon any events page / rss weirdness — still working out some kinks.]

Beginning tonight, March is a BIG month for Beat Research. As snipped (&tucked) from the BR website, here’s the lineup —

March 3 :: CARNAVAL MADNESS!! w/ KidDid & Os Santos

Yeah, yeah, we know. Carnaval officially dropped early this year. But wait — não chore mais! KidDid & Os Santos returns to BR to revel in the excesses of carnaval yet one more time!

KDOS is the musical alliance of local producer / multi instrumentalist Daniel D’Errico with Brazilian percussion phenom Marcus Santos. Last time these guys rolled through BR it was off the hook. Brazilian percussion meshed with electronic beats, people dancing on the furniture, sweating up a storm. Fates crossed, spirits unhinged. You get the idea. Come on out and dance till your feet ache.

March 10 :: Ghislain Poirier & DJ Thick

Monsieur Poirier needs no introduction. Our favorite MTLien has been steadily blowing up the world with his slamming beats for a minute, and now that he is signed to Ninja Tune there is really no stopping him.

DJ Thick (Toronto by way of Puerto Rico, Miami, and DC) fuses years of experience with percussion and electronic music to turn his iBook into a folk instrument. For this special set at Beat Research, he’s rocking new original productions and mixes, heavy on the percussion and 808 … and just plain heavy.

March 17 :: DJ Tigerbeatz

DJ Tigerbeatz will be making a special trip to the mainland from her home on Martha’s Vineyard for another awesome set here in Cambridge. She mixes up mad styles and will keep the place hopping with her worldy beat driven psychedelic sounds including: electrogypsy . balkan beat . bollybreaks . arabic bumps . asian freakbeat . baile funk . kwaito . afrobeat . congotronic . latin house . italo disco . and more

March 24 :: DJ Chris “Rockswell” Devlin

Chris Devlin, aka Spank Rock’s DJ, recently relocated to the Boston area, so we’re enthused to have him bring some of his low end theories to the Beat Research labs.

March 31 :: Maga Bo & Chief Boima

Maga Bo’s sound is a divine (s)mashup of batucada, rai, capoeira, bhangra, and skewed electronic beats in a borderless conundrum of gritty street sounds, found and modified rhythms and melodies from Brazil, Morocco, Senegal, India and beyond. DJing and producing tracks with a portable laptop studio, he has worked and performed in North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Coming from the Bay Area and descendant from the ancient clan of the Sherbro-Germans of Milwaukee, Chief Boima, is constantly traveling the world trying to recreate the African house party for new and willing audiences. Also a member of the Aussie-Ameri-Swede band Beaten By Them, and Afro-Latino hip hop duo Chief y Chango, diversity in the mix is essential for this DJ-Cellist extraordinaire.