Run Riddim!

We steady tryna “step” our “game” “up” o’er at Riddim Method. To wit:

Some innaresting texty and mixty contributions c/o DJ Ripley.


DJ C’s B-series continues with “Bush”

to which, I might add — in spirit, since I don’t deign to mention SeƱor Shrub (it’s bigger’n him anyhow) — my own “America,” which I recently gave its own page here at the new&improved w&w.


DJ Flack offers up his latest bit of “video music,” which I had the pleasure of participating in. Check that cannonball form, yo —

to which, I might add, my own pool-inspired track, “Cypher by the Pool,” a splashy battle rap between me and my lil bro, which can also be listened to in context on the newly created No Substitute page.


Finally, I just posted a recently youtubed, vintage vid of New Edition gettin funky’n’free in the studio —

to which I might add this brilliant bit of audio, available on the Special Edition of Off the Wall (my fave MJ, for the record), featuring the Jackson kids jammin’ in the basement on a downhome demo version of, you wanted it you guessed it you got it, “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough.” To top if off, playing the cowbell, cabasa, and empty bottles are Michael, rarely heard from Randy, and none other than lil Janet. Off the cuff, off the wall, off the meter.

Don’t know bout you, but I didn’t get enough. So why’d they stop?