Loo$e Change, Tight Flick

I enjoyed this so thoroughly yesterday that I need to post it here. Thanks to Frank Roberts for the tip. Becca called this 15 minute film “pitch perfect,” and I think she’s right. Hope you dig this as much as we. Someone needs to give Mykwain Gainey the resources to produce a series or something, preferably along these lines (and IMO with basically these same production values — so simple, so brilliant, so affective).

Loo$e Change from Mykwain Gainey on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Loo$e Change, Tight Flick

  1. Wow. This is hilarious. The two drummers have been on the NYC subway for as long as I can remember. Throughout my entire childhood I would run into them on the D train. One line wasnt put in though. The female drummer usually says “It aint no joke, for real we broke…. real broke….. real broke” ahahahha. Wow, took me back.

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