Family Dem, Y’know

Charlie shares the latest product from our-man-in-JA, Kevin Wallen, who has in recent months — with the generous support of USAID — shifted his media-rich, tech-savvy, and yet rather holistic approach to education (i.e., Students Expressing Truth) from Jamaica’s prisons to its schools — and in particular to students on the verge of expulsion. Kevin & co. (including a former student of mine at Brandeis, there now as a summer intern) have been working at Ascot High School in Portmore.

The students collaboratively produced a song and video about the program itself, and I’ve got to say it’s got a lot of flair: the vocalists are great, especially the nonchalant student who intros the track; the uniform-clad dancing is pretty suave; and you gotta love the kids holding up their OLPC swag (see 1:50) — not to mention rhyming “uno” with “unoo“! GWAAN —

No doubt dem “a go turn Ascot inna a brand new place”! I suspect they already have.