Radio Free Boston

Kevin Driscoll, whose work I mentioned at the end of the songs-as-shared post, is having me on his Todo Mundo radio show tonight on MIT’s WMBR from 12-2am EST (88.1FM or streaming here). Among other things “new, weird, and local” (sez Kev), I’ll be playing some newer versions of old but current things (Akon’s “Wanna Be Starting Something”?) and running some reggaeton crash tests.

Before long Kevin’ll be off to southern California where he’s gonna pursue a Ph.D. under the tutelage of Henry Jenkins, scooped from MIT this spring by USC. Losing talented folks like Kevin and Henry feels like a particularly Boston state of being. Usually New York’s the culprit. But no matter LA or NY, this town’s music scene will feel a void in Kevin’s absence; fortunately, he’s pretty damn present on the net.

Tune in, IM, geek out.

[Update: You can now stream last night’s show from the archives and see the playlist here.]