Maga Maga Maga! Bo Bo Bo!

It’s a Sooty month at Beat Research. Last week we had the pleasure of hosting Filastine, and tonight we’ve got the mighty Maga Bo!

Readers of this here blog surely need no introduction to Mr.Bo. He’s been making waves for a while now with his world-whirling, genre-busting mixes — not to mention his excellent series, “Sambacana,” devoted to the wide whirled of Brazilian music. Given that mixing urban music of the world has become, oddly and delightfully enough, somewhat commonplace these days, one of the things that makes Maga Bo special is that he not only downloads globally, he works locally, collaborating with vocalists and instrumentalists from Rio to Dakar to Casablanca and thus bringing the exciting and exacting realm of face-to-face, interpersonal, intercultural communication into what all too often is a disembodied, static kind of engagement with other music.

Nothing like a good breakbeat to serve as glue. He’s been posting videos lately too!

Don’t miss this, Bawstin —