Bots Burners

Botswana’s Ruff Riddims (now tweeting) have been putting in work lately. Now that the studio is up and running, they’ve been grinding out some promising stuff — a mix of kwaito and kwasa-kwasa, hip-hop and reggae — and they’re starting to reach out, nationally and internationally, to share their work with the wider world.

Check these two recent videos, one by riddim-rider Tebza, the other by young up-and-comer Skeat, who bubbles over a classic sounding (i.e., mid-90s, v housey) kwaito track. Nice vids too!

Oh, and the MaSuper Star stuff — wow, wait til you hear that! Fruityloopy beats, loose acoustic guitars, tight joyous vox. RUFF RIDDIMS, nuff said. Gwaan, Bots bredren–