Happy Hardcore Uber Pwnage, or “yeah japanese omg he is crazy !”

a selected webnography of technofied tetris nerdcore discourse —

nikeswooshguy (7 months ago)

The video is not sped up. The pieces are falling fast but it’s “Absolute Plus” on Death Mode. His reponses are quick, but not inhuman.

merzoug88 (4 months ago)

Looks like Jumpstyle

BlahBohogun (2 months ago)

wow i wish i could type that fast lol this guy pwns and its not speeded only a retard would say that

bengreen2007 (1 month ago)

HAX!!!… lol j/k, thats some uber pwnage =D

MariusLuko (1 month ago)

wow, skill, but i noticed one thing. at time 4:20 – 4:21 when the orange “L” shaped figure comes down, how does he loop it into its place, there is no way that the shape would even fit! But the rest is insane skillz!

cloud4056 (1 month ago)

one word, JAPANESE.

MoldyPotato1 (1 month ago)

yh true

jajaisjagut (1 month ago)

uber pro

mrclean010101 (1 month ago)

jesus christ

djek222 (1 month ago)

ownage ik woord ook japernerxD

martin243473 (1 month ago)

ha ah only part i liked Lets play some tetris mother fucker

Owndurm0m (4 weeks ago)

marius its called a t-spin and yes you can if you slide it down and turn it adn it fits it will go into place ^_^ im as gd as this , many hours on tetris ds XD

dude12300 (3 weeks ago)

yeah japanese omg he is crazy !