The Further Adventures of Blog O’Sphere, pt. 643

Given that urbody’s raving, and rightly so, about Dr.Auratheft’s DoabaGypsyQawwaliFlamenco mix (which I misnomerly bigged up back at the blogspot), I think it’s only proper to point you to Murk’s second podcast, DiasporRoma, which selects for similar socio-sonic suggestions.

From a slightly different angle, or yet another node on the bellydance diaspora (no misnomo), here’s a chunky chunk from Cambridge’s own George Abdo and his Flames of Araby Orchestra. (Ah, to have been a fly in the hummus at the Averof back in the days.) Note, in a fine bit of cosmopolitanism, the 3:2 clave that comes in over the bellydance breaks at around 2:20.

And just when you thought /Jace had “killed” the conversation (but not in a bad way) by dropping a heavy Paul Gilroy quote, the Negrophonic dubstep discussion twists&turns and ghosts&coasts along, continuing to offer up engaged perspectives, passionate arguments, and changed minds. /Word!

Germane to that thread, Paul.Meme argues, provocatively and persuasively, that “dubstep actually is reggae!” and provides a killer mix to show and prove.

And Deeptime (a/k/a Autonomic reborn) weighs in w/ a “long and effusive” “fanboy” review of Kode9/SpaceApe’s new one (which is currently coming my way over the Black Atlantic via Boomkat).

Go go music blogosphere.