Euroteknofolkisch Fußwerk and Other Whirledly Delights

Mashit Records relaunches this month as a netlabel, complete with a blog, and DJ C has been tearing it up over there. He promises podcasts, mashups (of the week), remixes, and all sorts of goodies as they go, including no doubt plenty more Mashit Seratonin.

My favorite post so far is Jake’s coverage of yet another newish local electronic muzik-und-tanz genre, this one — jumpstyle, they call it — emanates not from urban America but from Belgium. It’s kinda like Chicago juke in its combination of technofied beats and fancy footwork, only much much Europeaner–

As Jake points out, YouTube is, unsurprisingly, chock full of this stuff (in addition to sites like & as with homemade juke vids, most of the clips appear to be filmed in empty rooms and parking lots —

Here’s a tutorial for those of you rearing to get your jumpen on —

There’s even a nifty Simpson’s setting —

Over @ mashit, Jake links to a jumpstyle mix, as interpreted through the cockrockdisco aesthetic of Jason Forrest, aka DJ Donna Summer. A fine post! More like these, please —