I&I’m a African

Sorry for the silence here of late. It’s been crunchtime for fall semester, which I’m v excited about. What’s more, I thought I’d leave the “Diamonds from Sierra Leone” post up for a while in the hope of getting more feedback for me and Boima both. (Thanks to Lamin for sharing his thoughts & the links.) Hoping to do more posting in the near, near future. Meantime, allow me to rip&share my favorite bit from Boima’s mix, esp for you slackers who haven’t listened —

dead prez, “i’m a african” remix

Diligent link-followers (and linkthink readers) may have connected that bit of the mix with this extraordinary work of machinima I turned up while searching for “I’m a African” on YouTube —

The video — and a brief latenight intro to the mad mad world of machinima — inspired an interesting, “vaguely optimistic” riff over at /jaceplace, which I&I heartily recommend. (Thx also to ebog for linkthinking along.)

Hasta pronto —