Clap Yr Hands

Tonight at Beat Research, we’re happy to host Boston techno mainstays Soul Clap!

The Soul Clappers are a vibrant part of this city’s music/dance scene, playing nearly non-stop, blogging and prolifically podcasting, keeping the flame aloft for (weekly) techno in Boston/Cambridge (including some great parties on the Charles when the weather’s right), supporting a broad cross-section of the music scene (I bump into them all over), and increasingly distinguishing themselves as producers of fun, bumpy tracks that never settle too long on a particular idea, representing (for) American techno in the process.

See, e.g., “Die Ente” as mix’n’mashed recently in my Modyfier mix — hear it here on its standalone own (here more here) >>

So, should be a vibes tonight at the E Room to say the least, esp since — in fine BR style — the Soul Clap boys have been known to drop all kinds of gems into their techy-housey-DANCEY mix, from new jack jams to golden age classics. Indeed, unless I’m mistaken, I’d gander that their name itself is an allusion to one of my favorite early 90s jawns, the “teakettle”-infused dusty grooves of Showbiz & A.G.’s mighty “Soul Clap.” Might have to play that one tonight… Come clap along!