Had a great time in MTL this weekend. Nothing like sunny days and warm, bass-heavy nights, nuff talk of whirled music, and, naturellement, cheese curds and gravy on fries.

Mercis spéciaux à Guillaume et Ghislain! (& thanks also to Jay — and to Etienne, who made it look as if I speak mellifluous French, not to mention French at all — quel miracle !)

I’ll be posting a mixdown of my Masalacious mix ASAP. Look for it here and over @ Masalacism.

Mrvr, we at w&w promise to bring some serious bloggy substance before too long. Just been a lot of moving around of late; not conducive to long, linky posts, knamean.

Tonight, back in Cambridge, I’ll be joining DJ Flack for some Beat Research. Should be enormous as usual —