Tonight at Beat Research: DJ Pace

via the Beat Research webpage —

Friend, Party Rocker, Bassaholic DJ Pace (aka Pacey Foster) is a multi-instrumentalist with deep hip-hop roots, he was the turntablist in the Franc Graham Band and the experimental live electronic act Elk which included members of Count Zero/Think Tree. He has performed as a club and party DJ for over 10 years and brings an academic expertise to his wicked DJ blends and musical productions. When he is not working on his growing record archive at the Library of Vinyl Experience. Pace conducts research on local cultural industries as an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. His forthcoming article, “Hip-hop in the Hub: How Boston Rap Remained Underground” will be the first published history of Boston’s early hip-hop scene.

Tonight he will present some recently obtained rare electro –boogie -disco -funk records. Do you like vocoders? How about wobbly synth basslines and jawrattling handclaps? Well then my friend, this is the night for you.