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February 21st, 2008

linkthink #739053: Hyphy Wifey Harvest

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February 20th, 2008

linkthink #853889: LOLdier Boy Tellem

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February 20th, 2008


For any readers whose curiosity was piqued by the conga videos in last night’s dump, allow me to provide a little more context via Lani Milstein, a NY-based ethnomusicubanist, who brought them to my attention —

Just a shout out to say thanks for being such an eloquent writer on reggaetón. I’m working on my thesis in ethnomusicology on conga santiaguera from Santiago de Cuba — I talk a lot about the tango-congo cell, which I can now thanks to you relate clearly to the rest of el caribe (tango-congo aka dem bow).

I don’t know if you know about conga santiaguera aka conga oriental but here’s the gist of it mixed with a popular music group called Sur Caribe:

actually in this video they don’t play the tango-congo straight up like they usually do, usually the tango-congo/dembow is played all together on the brake drums, but it’s reinforced by the 4/4 bass drum underlay, maintained by the biggest round drum, and the tresillo played by the smallest round drum.

And these dudes, Este Habana — they prove what I’m talking about in my thesis and what you mention: that it’s all Caribbean (actually Congolese, no?) in the end — here they mix conga with merengue, and then stick reggaetón on top for one giant tango-congo/dembow festival:

anyways, must admit i’m not the biggest fan of reggaeton but you never know … I’ve certainly got a better understanding of it now. thx!!

and then in a follow-up email —

The great thing about the video I sent you of Sur Caribe is that that song brought an eastern Cuban music to the forground of Cuban dance music. Havana kind of dominates that world with its timba sabrosa (that I looove), but this song won song of the year in 2006 and it was a big thing for Santiaguerans — as you can tell from the lyrics in Añoranza por la conga, conga’s a big source of pride for easterners (esp. Santiaguerans), it’s kind of their claim to fame (well except for son too, but that kind of gets lost in the paperwork). Habaneros refer to easterners/Santiaguerans as “palestinos” “guajiros” and generally consider them underdeveloped hicks — there’s a big rivalry between the 2 sides of the island. So the fact that this song pegó pero muchisimo was kind of like “Ha! we rock too you know..” and then a few Havana groups decided “hey this stuff’s kinda cool” and used it — like Este habana and good ol’ Clan 537-

this song was also super pegado this summer, it’s the same corneta china player as in the Sur Caribe video, from the traditional conga group los Hoyos (who I worked with this summer).

thx, Lani !

February 19th, 2008

linkthink #492356: Semper Fideles

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February 18th, 2008

linkthink #526373: It’s Meta, Baby

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February 18th, 2008

rainy mondays are sort of like being waterboarded

or “raped” by “nazis.” i can’t decide. i guess i’m “retarded.”

whattaya say, huck?

February 17th, 2008

On the Shoulders of Giants & Dancing w/ Daddy

For the lifey curious: Nico @ 1 Month !

Videos will be up for a limited time. Still trying to figure out how to negotiate privacy stuff pre-consent.


February 16th, 2008

linkthink #923602: Rubberband Bredrin Edição

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February 15th, 2008

linkthink #18t3965: Ninjabread Man Edition

Just to make things a little extra personalized in the age of linkthink, ‘low me to add, Sasha-style, a (generally) random photo for your imaginative conneckees —

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February 13th, 2008

linkthink #2356269


February 12th, 2008

FeedThink, ReadThink, LinkThink, WinkThink

Permit me a little meta-blogging.

I’ve never had the time or the stamina to blog everyday, despite that nearly everyday I come across things of interest on the interwebs. I tag them, share them, email them around, etc., but I don’t always get around to blogging them. This is rarely an editorial decision. As much as I like longform posts, or posts of various shapes and sizes, I also like the old fashioned form of blogging — or as some would have it, the “original intent” behind the endeavor: actually “logging” the things one comes across on the web, perhaps with a line or two of commentary. That’s closest to what I do via (though a tumblelog is perhaps closer, and offers more freedom — o how I wish that delish would let me add as much text as I’d like to my tagged items). And indeed, over the last several months, I’ve gradually incorporated — when possible — these other bloggish activities into my sidebar in order to bring some of that “logging” into this space: e.g., by adding a feed to the column (aka, LinkThink) or, more recently, a Google Reader shared-items feed (aka, FeedThink).

Regular readers might have noticed some of these subtle changes (which I haven’t really gone about publicizing), especially in the last week or so — that is, unless you yourself only read from a reader, which I can understand, having recently signed on to one myself (which is, at this point, the only way — albeit a deeply dangerous timesuck — I can possibly keep tabs on the 101 blogfeeds to which I currently subscribe). As usual, I have to thank Becca, my babymama and webmaster, for making these changes even more subtle, breaking crappy widgets (just give us the codes already dudes — must you design 4 n00bz only?) and helping things to look more wayne&waxy (and justified!) on the sidebar.

I’m afraid — or, depending how it rubs ya, happy to report — that a lot of the things I’ve been sharing via Google Reader have to do with the 08 presidential election. For those who might find the intrusion of explicitly political content here unseemly, I should say first that you are perhaps missing a lot of implicit political content here more generally. But perhaps it will come of some consolation that I expect FeedThink will provide an outlet for me to address mainstream political (i.e., qua political) subjects here, especially for anyone interested in what I think ’bout such things, while allowing me to continue to focus my blog posts largely on music and cultural politics (though I really can’t ever say what I’m gonna blog about; I do have my tendencies and interests, but these change over time).

I hope that the now-daily linkthink I’ve been publishing — which is basically another feed — doesn’t simply seem lazy. I suppose if you already have me in your network or routinely check out the sidebar, then these posts might read as redundant. But I don’t think very many of the readers here necessarily do those things, and so I’d like to foreground my bookmarking & tagging activities a bit more & integrate them into this messy expression of what I’m thinking about, looking at, listening to.

I should note — tho it goes without saying — that I also share my items, as well as my tags (aka, “TagThink” on the sidebar), as a form of open, distributed research, as a way of sharing some things I’ve flagged and glossed, and I invite you to join the endeavor and return the favor by adding me to your network and sending me items if you come across something you think I might be interested in.

Of course, there’s also the TagCloud over on the right, which represents my own tagging of my own blog posts — something I’d like to make a little more consistent, copious, and curious. And there’s also TubeThink, a selection of my recent faves at YouTube (also viewable here). I’ve resisted adding a flickr badge so far. In short, this site now contains lots of ways of sharing what I’m up to, what I’m linking, reading, sharing, watching, tagging, etc. For those of you who actually visit the site from time to time, I include these things to make w&w a little more rich and dynamic. For those who simply access via a reader, I’m now putting some of this activity a bit more in your face. After all, I wouldn’t want you to miss a good Sesame Street remix before it disappears into the e-ther.

Still, if you think the linkthink posts are overkill and annoying, I’d like to know. Otherwise, thanks for reading, linking, and thinking. Onward and sideways —

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