spam prescience

caught my eye this morning that just last night the homie kingdom left a comment on an old spam poem which i added to the collection back on 30 july 2007.

spam poems aren’t what they once were. i guess the great spam poets of yore have, by this point, been roundly routed by akismet critics. (t.s. eliot in mirrorshades?) too bad. the spams i get these days are far less oblique, much more to the point (solve your debt, impotence, etc.). oddly enough, it feels like a loss.

evenso, i still keep track from time to time when some seemingly automated internet thingy does something possibly poetic. the most recent example, which is not so poetic really, was some bollywood navel fetish site embedding text from a post i wrote about mutual appropriation btwn filmi and hip-hop, presumably to boost their google juice. (for that reason, i refuse to link ’em.)

but i’m glad that kingdom redirected my attn to this one

not least b/c it contains such awesome phrases as “bass chemotherapy” (mixtape anyone?), but b/c it also seems to wink, all oracular-like, at the current financial crisis. daydream banks conflagrate indeed.

tip of the iceberg, right? we could learn a lot from the subconscious net.