April 30th, 2007

Mainly, To Amuse Itself

I know what you’re thinking — el fin de Delfin? No puede ser!

But it’s been about a month and a half since the Chilean jokesters who made Delfin both a YouTubospheric laughingstock and legend — not to mention the undisputed king of tecno folklore — finally hung up their bloggy hats. As they write,

Quien no creyó en Santa, no me digan que más de algún 24 de diciembre no miraron por la ventana esperando ver un trineo, quien no le creyó a su novia cuando te dijo: sólo contigo había sido tan puta o quien no le creyó a la televisión y pensó que un desodorante de mierda te podía conseguir una chica, por favor, si hasta yo lo sigo comprando. Y quien no le creyó a Delfín, bueno, nosotros si, pasamos largas noches posteando su video cuando recién tenia 5 mil visitas, luego subimos el blog, reventamos la red, en una semana de posteos pudimos hacer que Torres Gemelas lo vean más de 250 mil personas, ahora ni hablar, armamos la gira y se fue a Chile, salio en TV, prensa y hasta en la China, pasamos más noches subiendo videos de Delfín que atendiendo a nuestras chicas, y valió la pena, logramos que Delfín tenga más homenajes que Madonna y que por fin alguien en el mundo pueda saber de un artista ecuatoriano. Logramos lo que queríamos, darle a este chico pero gran país un espacio en el mundo globalizado y por sobre todo, divertirnos. Pero la diversión se acabó, ya no creemos en Delfín, es una pena enorme pero así es la vida, es creer y dejar de creer. De despedida los queremos dejar con otro artista ecuatoriano que nos pareció divertido, espero a ustedes también les guste.

Don’t read Spanish? Let Google help, w/ unintended hilarity! —

Who did not think in Santa, they do not say me that more of some 24 of December they did not watch after the window hoping to see a sleigh, that her fiancèe did not believe to him when she said to you: only with you it had be so puta or who did not believe to him to the television and thought that an excrement deodorant could obtain a girl to you, please, if until I continue it buying. And who did not believe Dolphin to him, good, we if, we passed long nights posteando its video when just tapeworm 5 thousand visits, soon we raised blog, burst the network, in one week of posteos we could cause that Twin Towers see more than 250 thousand people it, now nor speak, armed the tour and he went to Chile, salio in TV, presses and until in China, we passed the more nights raising videos of Dolphin that taking care of our girls, and was worth the trouble, we obtained that Dolphin has the more tributes that Madonna and that finally somebody in the world can know of an Ecuadorian artist. We managed what we wanted, to give to this boy but great country him a space in the globalizado world and by mainly, to amuse itself. But the diversion finished, no longer we create in Dolphin, is an enormous pain but thus it is the life, it is to believe and to let believe. Of goodbye they want them to leave with another Ecuadorian artist who seemed to us amused, I also wait for you likes. Good bye.

Of course, this all simply begs the question: where do we go now to find the latest homenajes to “Torres Gemelas”? Searching YouTube for Delfin, of course, leads to innumerable copies of the original video, various clips of actual dolphins (doing the darnedest things, wouldntchaknow), and, yes, a few homages. But there’s no filter quite like that blogspot.

If the real Delfin Quishpe knew what was good for him, he’d get that blog going again — and release a new video! Until then, we have Ecuadorian Behind-the-Music-style specials to keep us warm.


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