Inadequate Blackmail

McCain’s Daddy Yankee Endorsement – The Caucus Blog – 'Daddy Yankee called Mr. McCain “a fighter for the Hispanic community” and “a fighter for the immigration issue.’’ Mr. McCain, who noted that his wife, Cindy, had gone to Central High School, said, “I just want to say thank you, Daddy Yankee.’’ ' :: (thx,

Are You On MyFace?

Library Of Vinyl Experience: Beantown Boogie pacey — friendly neighborhood riddim methodist, lover of vinyl, and boston hip-hop historian — seeks to rightly re-center the bean in the boogie universe, offering up "a collection of (mostly) 1980's Boston electrofunk, boogie and breaks" and ending with a rare, schooly-D style bit of ol-school boston brash c/o

Run Tings

So, not only did Jamaica’s Usain Bolt (levitating below) set a world record in the men’s 100 meters, despite pulling up 20 meters early to celebrate and showboat… … but, in the women’s 100, Jamaican sprinters Shelly-Ann Fraser, Sherone Simpson, and Kerron Stewart made it a clean 1-2-3 sweep (technically, a 1-2-2, actually) — Lest

YouTube, America, Distinguished Guests, Crumbs…

Spannered | Bobby Corridor | Hip Hop Megamix | Radio oh my god yes oh my god :: golden age beat madness and beyond! :: 600+ tracks in 90 minutes :: mixxtape of the summerrrrrrrr, for really tho (tags: hip-hop mix instrumentals production mp3) YouTube – Soulja Boy SHOCKING News! OMG WTF LOL! "youtube …

Sense and Sensuality

I received a CFP in my inbox today that served to rekindle several thoughts simmering in my head since Shadetek went babelfishing — Analysing the Musically Sensuous Society for Music Analysis Autumn Study Day University of Liverpool, School of Music 22 November 2008 For most listeners to music, sensuous affect is of primary, perhaps even

Linkthink #74943: The Future Is Later

todo mundo » Blog Archive » Is that Lil Twane on the keytar? great post by kevin linking lil wayne to coltrane, miles, george duke and other techno-musical visionaries :: including the great question, "Is not Auto-Tune the wah pedal of today’s Black pop?" :: and, to boot, he inserts his video-supported commentary into recent

Beach Research#08.08

Off to the Cape for a week or 2 or so 4 some r&r w/ fam&friends. Blogging will be intermittent for a bit. Go outside! Here’s a sneak peek of our lil trio on a bon voyage —

Opposite of Babble = Silence?

Recent discussions spurred by Matt Shadetek and /Rupture quoting him feel like the culmination of a couple years of critical discourse, clumsy practice, and increasing interconnection between the two. I’m enheartened to see this kind of debate taking place and the number of insightful perspectives offered up, and I think it can only be good