Here you’ll find sundry written works in a variety of voices, styles, forums, and forms.

Academic Writing

A selection of recent publications — some on the web, some as pdfs, and one genuine, physical book.


Journalistic Writing


I’ve taught courses on music, culture, and society at MIT, Harvard, University of Chicago, Brandeis, Brown, Berklee, UMass-Boston, and UW-Madison. Here are links to several syllabi — some as HTML/blogposts, some as pdfs.


The following are profiles of / interviews with me, but as Public Enemy say, “Don’t believe the hype.”

Wayne Marshall

My research and teaching focus on popular dance music of the Americas and the world, Afrodiasporic cultural politics, musical publics, and media technologies.

I teach music history courses in the Liberal Arts dept at Berklee College of Music. In spring and summer 2018, I'm also offering "Technomusicology" at Harvard Extension School.

Curriculum Vitae

wayne at wayneandwax dot com


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